Online and Mobile Banking

A+COMPUTE® Online Banking and A+COMPUTE® Mobile Banking keep you securely connected to your accounts from any internet enabled device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A+COMPUTE® Online Banking allows you to conveniently:

  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Apply for a loan
  • Review transactions
  • View or print copies of cleared drafts
  • Make loan or VISA® payments
  • Obtain an advance on your revolving credit or real estate line of credit loan
  • Withdraw a check from your account
  • Download account information to money management software like Quicken®, Excel® or Quick Books®
  • Enroll for e-Statements
  • Pay bills with the CheckFree® Bill Pay service (Monthly charge unless account relationship is met)
  • View FASECU VISA® credit card information
  • Set up e-Alerts via e-mail or text message
  • Reorder boxes of drafts/checks
  • Update your account information by requesting a change of address, telephone number or e-mail address
  • Send a secure message to the credit union

Once enrolled, you can customize your online banking experience by enrolling for additional e-services that save you time and help you manage your account.

A+COMPUTE® Mobile Banking allows you to conveniently:

  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Review transactions
  • Apply for a loan
  • Find a No-Surcharge ATM near where you live, work or travel
  • Pay bills with the CheckFree® Bill Pay service
  • Deposit checks with Mobile Check Deposit (via App only)
  • Receive e-Alerts (must use A+COMPUTE® Online Banking to set up)


Use your iPhone or smartphone for Android to download your credit union's app.  After completing a quick authentication, you have convenient and secure access to your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Downloading the app is easy!

  • Download the FASECU app from the App Store or Google PlayTM by clicking on one of these icons,


  • Log into A+COMPUTE Online Banking with your smartphone and click on 'A+COMPUTE Mobile' from the 'Services' menu, or
  • Search for 'FASECU' to download your credit union's app from the App Store or Google Play.

Web Application Protocol (WAP)*

Enjoy the convenience of mobile banking from your internet enabled device, and conveniently view your account balances, review transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and pay bills using the CheckFree® Bill Pay service.  Once authenticated, you save a secure link in the favorites menu of your cellular phone's browser.  This is a great mobile banking choice for members who have internet access on their mobile device, but are not using an iPhone or smartphone for Android.  Enroll for this service through A+COMPUTE Online Banking by clicking on 'A+COMPUTE® Mobile' from the 'Services' menu.

SMS Text Messaging*

Receive account information whether you have internet access or not!  Members who prefer to receive account balances, transaction information and e-Alerts via text messages can enroll for this service through A+COMPUTE Online Banking by clicking on 'A+COMPUTE Mobile' from the 'Services' menu.  Once enrolled you receive your account information via text messages using the following information:

    SMS Text Commands:

   BAL = All Account Balances

   BAL + Texting Nickname = Account Balance of a specific Share ID

   HIST + Texting Nickname = Transaction History for a specific Share ID

   HELP = Help

   STOP = Cancel SMS Texting

* There is no charge to download the FASECU Mobile app, however data and connectivity fees from your mobile service provider may apply. Please contact your mobile service provider for more information.  App users must have access to A+COMPUTE® Online Banking to utilize login function.  iTunes and the App Store are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc.


Stay connected to your credit union account with e-alerts! Set up e-alerts to receive an e-mail and/or text notification when your account balance falls below a certain amount, when loan payments are due, when specific transactions are made to your account or to alert you to account activity that assists you in managing your account(s).


Receive your statement quicker!  Enroll for e-Statements and your statement is usually ready to view, print or download on the first or second business day* of the month!  You will receive an e-mail notification when your statement is ready to view.  Then you can securely login to A+COMPUTE Online Banking, click on the ‘Services’ tab and then click on the ‘e-Statements’ tab to view, print or download your current statement.  Once you are enrolled, your e-Statements will be available to view, print, or download for up to 18 months with a few clicks of your mouse. 

*Most e-Statements are viewable no later than the 3rd of each month.

CheckFree® Bill Pay Service

Organize and pay your bills from one online location with our CheckFree® Bill Pay service! Conveniently make payments from your share draft checking account to companies, organizations and individuals with a few clicks of a mouse. Bills can be paid one time, scheduled for a future date or set-up as a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly recurring transaction. A $4.50 monthly fee will be charged on or around the first of each month to your share draft checking account. The fee may be waived based on your account relationship as defined by the credit union. Please contact us for further details on how to avoid paying this fee.

Mobile Check Deposit

Whether you are home, at work, or traveling you can deposit a check to your account using your iPhone or smartphone for Android and the A+COMPUTE Mobile Banking app!  Enroll for this service through A+COMPUTE® Online Banking by clicking on ‘Mobile Check Deposit’ from the ‘Services’ menu and accepting the terms and conditions.

Once enrolled, endorse the back of the check following the endorsement requirements and log into your account with the A+COMPUTE® Mobile app on your smartphone.  Take a picture of both the front and back of the check and submit it for deposit into your account.  Deposit are reviewed each business day and posted to your account by 5:00 pm.  There is no need to bring the check into a credit union office or mail it to us, retain it for your records.


Access your Flint Area School ECU VISA® Credit Card information with EzCardInfo! EzCardInfo is available through A+COMPUTE online banking which eliminates the need for a separate login ID and password. You can check your available credit, view your current balance, review transactions, create reports to track expenditures, and download account information to money management software like Quicken®, Excel® or Quick Books®.

Not enrolled for A+COMPUTE® online banking? Click here to use EzCardInfo


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Verified by VISA®

Get an extra layer of security when you shop online! Enroll your VISA® Credit or Debit card in the Verified by VISA® program, then whenever you make a purchase online at a participating retailer, enter your Verified by VISA® password to authenticate your identity. Click here to enroll your card.